Julia Sharp

Social work student
Market City, Sydney

Julia got her interest in social work through years of volunteering to help young offenders and gang members stay on the straight and narrow in London. She can’t wait to finish her degree and start helping under-privileged young people reach their full potential for a living. It’s not all study at the moment for Julia though, when she can she hangs out with friends, her puppy or hits the gym and generally works part-time both days on the weekend.

For Julia, there’s something about Market City’s atmosphere, the melding of so many cultures and the availability of so much great food that keeps her going back. It also brings back memories of long Yum Cha trips into the area with her dad as a kid – a ritual she still takes part in whenever she can. She can’t go past all the Asian grocers, with the fresh, garden grown produce a staple in her kitchen. Another hot tip for good food in the area is to pick a restaurant with little to no English on the menu.

1 in 5 of the JCDecaux audience are currently studying

Source: Total audience living or working in the JCDecaux coverage area, Roy Morgan 2013