Paul Scanlan

Bar Owner
St Kilda, Melbourne

Owner of modern bar and eatery Captain Melville (formerly Miss Libertine) Paul Scanlan never really imagined he'd be creating a Melbourne institution when he stumbled into the industry at the age of 25. Doing just that hasn't been by chance though, with owning his own business meaning Paul can never really switch off, but he wouldn't have it any other way. 

St. Kilda is an area that Paul always jumps at the chance to visit. Whenever he is in the area Paul never fails to be struck by the way the natural location and the bars and eateries of the area intermingle. The St. Kilda Festival is always a big draw card to the area, with people like him coming from all over Melbourne to take part. He has also been known to frequent the iconic Prince Band Room, a favourite for anyone in the Melbourne hospitality industry. 

2.5 million of the JCDecaux audience find it difficult to switch off from work

Source: Total audience living or working in the JCDecaux coverage area, Roy Morgan 2013