JCDecaux TRANSIT is the first certified carbon neutral advertising product in Australia

JCDecaux has received the certified stamp of approval from Climate Active, making it the first carbon neutral Out-of-Home product in Australia. 

This means that all JCDecaux TRANSIT clients who print through JCDecaux's in-house printing service, GSP, now automatically benefit from booking a carbon neutral advertising campaign across our bus and tram networks, at no additional cost. 


To make Transit advertising carbon neutral, we’ve gone through a lifecycle analysis calculating all carbon inputs – everything from sourcing, importing, printing, cutting and installing to removal of materials post-campaign.

This has provided us with a complete understanding of the carbon consumption, which is then offset. And that’s just the start - we aim to do the same with our other products in the future.



JCDecaux will offset Transit advertising emissions to two Indigenous carbon projects – the Thaa-Nguigarr Carbon Project and the Nyaliga Fire Project whilst continuing to work towards reducing the impact of the format on the environment.



Indigenous Carbon Projects

The Thaa-Nguigarr Carbon Project is an early dry season savanna burning project aimed at reducing late dry season wildfires, and therefore reducing carbon emissions.

The Nyaliga Fire Project is a registered savanna burning carbon project involving controlled early dry season burning, carried out by Nyaliga Traditional Owners. Burning operations are carried out in line with traditional indigenous knowledge and practice, and limits destructive late season wildfires and associated greenhouse gas emissions.