Netflix collaborated with JCDecaux North America to promote its 'The Final Table' culinary competition series by creating a mini-meals food dispenser cube in Terminal 4 at JFK International Airport in New York City, one of the top international terminals in the U.S. during Thanksgiving week.

Travellers discovered their interests in the culinary cube by selecting prepared cuisine from around the world including dishes from Mexico, Spain, U.K., Brazil, India, the U.S., Italy, France and Japan - regions that will be featured on the show.

A customised, interactive screen allowed travellers to select which country they wished to 'travel to' on their food journey.

The display would then give information about the region and local cuisine, providing a teaser of the show and the chef featured on that specific episode while travellers enjoyed their snacks.


The activation promoted "the togetherness food can bring to us all" in one of the top international terminals in the U.S.!

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