Organics by Red Bull entertained commuters by redesigning a pinball gaming machine during their waiting hours while travelling.

In order to promote the launch of Organics’ new series of drinks – Simply Cola and Ginger, JCDecaux Norway turned Oslo’s main station into a colourful branded gaming area, creating a pinball table with a fully wrapped vending machine.

Commuters took on the challenge to hit the ball using their best aiming skills at the right time in the right directions, a can of either the Simply Cola or Ginger were released from the machine as the winner’s award.


The interactive gamification concept of the campaign produced great customer engagement, throughout the 10 days campaign period, long lines of people queuing up for the game becoming regular occurrence at Oslo station.

This promotional campaign uplifted the dull travel environment and generated a surprisingly fun and competitive atmosphere. Commuters’ waiting hours were filled with laughs and smiles thanks to the unexpected ‘distraction’ in their journey.