JCDecaux Netherlands partnered with non-profit organization JustDiggIt to encourage passers to support local charities. A temporary contactless payment bus shelter with an Abri was provided while commuters waited for the tram.

Without any pushy approaches on the streets or any endless fill-in forms, passers by could easily and willingly take part in this donation process by simply touching their payment cards on to the digital screen.

A special made green revolution video was played at the same time, reminding the audiences that an impressive action had just taken place to change our environment in a better way, thanks to you.


Together with brand ambassador Tess Milne, this special build bus shelter with an Abri and a shovel on the roof drew attention from young audiences.

Not only did the campaign increase their awareness of environmental issues, but also raised a significant amount of money for the charity during the activation period.

With both the support from Leidseplein tram stop and the fibre optic high-speed network, this campaign became the very first contactless payment Abri in the Netherlands and gained traction on both social media and the press.