With a new year comes updated resolutions and changing routines- and this year, why not update your skin care? Luxury beauty company, Clarins, is sharing their high-end skin care products with travelers at Miami International Airport!

MIA served over 1.1 million passengers over the winter holiday travel period from December 21st through January 6th. With passenger counts the highest they’ve been since the beginning of the pandemic, MIA gives Clarins the opportunity to effectively reach their core audiences. In addition, Clarins’ ad campaign helps to drive a purchase right in the airport as a variety of duty-free stores are open!

Dominating on static and digital ad space inside and outside of the airport, Clarins is running on larger-than-life exterior units, prestige digital units, large format digital units, and wall wraps! By taking advantage of JCDecaux’s airport OOH advertising space, Clarins promotes positive brand perception while staying top of mind while consumers are traveling.