Melanoma Institute Australia | Showcase

Check out our new Innovate campaign for Melanoma Institute Australia that asks viewers to take a closer look and catch skin cancer before it’s too late.

The custom (one panel build) presents viewers with an image of a seemingly healthy young woman, suffering from stage I Melanoma. Viewers are encouraged to look through a peep hole in the first panel to reveal a second visual of what stage IV of the disease can look like (an image alarmingly similar to the first). 

“With an increasing number of Australians spending time outdoors, it has never been more important to focus on skin safety in this country”, said Danni Robinson, JCDecaux Innovate Manager. “As a leading outdoor advertising company, we are proud to partner with Disciple and Melanoma Institute to create a unique and innovative campaign. Hopefully this will prompt Australians to literally take a closer look at their skin through regular checks with Melanoma Institute Australia.”

The Innovate panel (located outside the Apple Store on George Street) is live until 12 May.