Small Spaces, Big Ideas

What do most people think of when they think of the UK? The Queen, Big Ben, grey skies and red phone booths. These red phone booth are not just public infrastructure, but an icon of the country, particularly in London.

Several innovative entrepreneurs have taken on the challenge of giving these iconic boxes a new lease of life. Londoner Ben Spier launched a salad bar in a phone booth in Bloomsbury Square, central London. His ‘shop’ boasts salads made from locally-sourced, organic ingredients which could give any café a run for its money. For the business minded, Pod Works, a co-working company, is turning the booths into micro-offices. Users are able to rent a fully-equipped phone booth for a few hours. Featuring Wi-Fi, power outlets as well as a printer and scanner (amongst other features), users can sign up for £19.99 (approx. $40) a month, and will have access to, at this stage, 23 booths throughout London. 




Image: TechInsider