• Australia
  • July 7, 2020
JCDecaux today launches an Out of-Home campaign across its extensive network to thank its essential workers – from cleaners, to electricians, maintenance and repair technicians – for keeping JCDecaux’s outdoor assets clean and safe for the public during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The “Thank You” campaign, created by JCDecaux’s in-house creative team, features JCDecaux essential workers in cities around Australia. JCDecaux’s 139 essential workers are responsible for cleaning and maintaining more than 10,000 Out-of-Home assets, such as bus shelters, street kiosks, tram shelters, outdoor panels, seats, bins, public toilets, bicycles and train stations around Australia.

“Behind the advertising sign and the infrastructure is a team of extraordinary individuals who have continued working out in the community throughout the pandemic, when many of us have been working from home, to keep our cities clean and safe for those who use our bus shelters, bikes and other infrastructure every day,” said JCDecaux ANZ CEO, Steve O’Connor.

“Over the few last months, we have significantly increased sanitisation practices and the frequency of cleaning, while ensuring our workers’ safety with additional personal protective equipment and modified practices. We are incredibly proud of the job our essential workers are doing across Australia, and this campaign is one way we can thank them and also remind the community of the important service they are providing, especially as people begin to return to public places and offices.”

One of the workers featured in the campaign is Kalil Itani, a Sydney-based repair technician, who said that more people are noticing the job he does, and that he has received positive feedback.

“We’re on the front lines. We’re doing a lot to ensure the city is COVID free, to ensure that life goes back to normal, that people can start going back to work and start jumping on public transport and don’t have to worry. A lot of people have come up to us appreciating what we’ve been doing… we have been maintaining assets a lot more to ensure there isn’t any virus left behind. People will come up to you and say thank you, and ask questions like ‘how often’ and they are appreciative when they hear,” he said.

This campaign follows a broader JCDecaux “Thank You” campaign that launched in April to thank essential workers, such as doctors, nurses, pharmacists, teachers, farmers, supermarket workers and parents.  JCDecaux also partnered with Broadsheet Media in a community campaign to promote local businesses, such as cafes and restaurants. Globally, JCDecaux is running similar gratitude campaigns across its Out-of-Home advertising network.

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