• Paris
  • April 7, 2020
JCDecaux today announced an initiative to support its media agency and advertiser partners in this
challenging environment, offering the opportunity to undertake the ADMA (Association of Data-driven
Marketing & Advertising) WFH Marketing Masterclass with Mark Ritson.
Leveraging its ADMA membership, JCDecaux will be offering more than one hundred clients and agency
partners the opportunity to take part in this topical education program, designed exclusively by Ritson
for ADMA, to help industry professionals navigate the challenges of modern marketing.

JCDecaux Chief Marketing Officer, Essie Wake said: “There is no playbook for this moment. Our clients
and agencies are working their way through the massive disruption and unique challenges we all face in
marketing right now, and JCDecaux wanted to find a way to help brands pivot and create new
connections with their customers.

“As a trusted partner to agencies and advertisers, we want to step up and help facilitate fresh thinking
and learning and create interesting dialogue and debate. Now is the time for brands to adapt quickly
and strengthen their reputation. We hope to play a more strategic role in supporting our clients and
partners to do this.”

ADMA Chief Executive Officer Andrea Martens said: “We are thrilled to see one of our industry
heavyweights supporting the marketing community in this way. It’s fantastic to see JCDecaux leaning in
to inspire and educate in these challenging times.”

JCDecaux Chief Commercial Officer, Max Eburne, said: “We see this as an opportunity to give back in a
meaningful way to our industry in what is arguably its greatest hour of need. In the longer term,
advertising and brands have an important role to play in driving our economy and helping Australia
eventually recover from this situation – so helping our clients to better understand how to apply the
principles of marketing now is surely going to be a positive in the future.”

Launching on Monday 20 April, the ADMA WFH Marketing Masterclass with Mark Ritson will include two
interactive sessions per week on a single topic covering all areas of marketing and communications, with
each week building on the previous week's topic.

Each session will include how the concept applies in the current environment, case studies of best practice and a live Q&A session.

A downloadable version of the full press release can be found below.