Australia's largest 3D-enabled digital Out-of-Home offering, establishing a new era of immersive advertising experiences.

JC3D is available on over 450 screens across the JCDecaux Rail and Airport networks.

It gives brands the opportunity to create memorable marketing experiences in Australia's busiest commuter hubs and travel precincts.

JC3D uses forced perspective - an optical illusion technique that creates an eye-catching 3D effect using framing and shadows.


This approach ensures viewers can experience the 3D effect from multiple angles.

JCDecaux Rail

Rail is the #1 mode of public transport used nationally, with 483 million trips taken in 2022. It is a powerful environment to impact and influence a diverse range of audiences as they commute. 


JC3D is available across Digital Large Format, Digital Small Format, and XTrackTV in Rail.

JCDecaux Airport

With presence in Australia's busiest travel hubs, JCDecaux Airport gives brands access to over 60 million passengers each year.

A unique, high-dwell environment, airport advertising allows brands to connect with diverse and desirable audiences when they are alert, receptive, and ready to be engaged. 

JC3D is available across Digital Large and Small Format in Sydney and Perth Airports.

Benefits of JC3D in Rail and Airport



Connect with audiences in immersive environments with minimal distractions.





100% pedestrian =
higher dwell times.





Full-motion creative is proven to deliver stronger engagement versus static ads.



No premium loading


Greater message impact.


20% share of time


Content must be 30-seconds in duration.


Creative advisory service

Available to ideate and create compelling 3D campaign content.