Know your audience. Build more effective campaigns.

With our proprietary platforms, we help clients identify, target, and validate audiences. 


JCDecaux UNIVERSE is our multi-modal campaign planning tool that integrates a range of audience data sources to empower audience planning, frequency planning, sales optimisation, and real-time campaign scheduling.


It is our one source of truth for Out-of-Home planning, delivering the most sophisticated plans in market.


Continue the conversation online harnessing the power of mobile data. 


In partnership with Mobilewalla, we can deep dive into audience insights of people exposed to your Out-of-Home campaign. This will allow you to refine your targeting for future campaigns while simultaneously speaking to the same audience across digital ecosystems.

Adobe Audience Manager

For the first time, digital targeting opportunities are available in the Out-of-Home environment. 


Through out partnership with Adobe Audience Manager, we can retrieve an audience that has been exposed to our assets and match it to any digital segment, giving you the ability to reach the same audiences across digital channels and Out-of-Home screens.


JCDecaux PROOF provides opportunities for advertisers to collaborate with JCDecaux on a range of influential media studies, from campaign attribution to detailed category research.

Pigeon Project

Hear the voice of the consumer through the Pigeon Project, JCDecaux's very own online research community.


The Pigeon Project is an active group of over 3,000 savvy consumers who regularly participate in category and campaign research studies.


A ground-breaking, deep-learning AI tool developed by JCDecaux's global team of data scientists. 


JCDecaux OPTIX is based on a leading Oxford University model for visual saliency prediction. It estimates the saliency of a creative and produces a heatmap that highlights areas of viewer attention within an image or video. Results and learnings can be used to enhance creative effectiveness.



Geo-spatial capabilities underpin our understanding of audiences. JCDecaux ORBIT provides detailed geo-spatial maps of customer segments, including where they live, work, and shop, to ensure you reach the right audience, in the right location.


It also allows you to review the proximity of any retailer, network, or place of interest nationally against JCDecaux inventory, allowing you to influence your audience in relevant locations.

MOVE 2.0

MOVE (Measurement of Outdoor Visibility and Exposure) is the Australian Out-of-Home industry's audience measurement tool that covers all major Out-of-Home environments. 


Launching in 2024, MOVE 2.0 will rely on several datasets to provide accurate and increasingly real-time measurement that considers granular changes to people's movements across the year. It will take into account seasonal, monthly, and weekly variations in Out-of-Home audience movement.