The cornerstone of our product portfolio, JCDecaux's Classic Small Format network has been honed through more than half a century of innovation and know-how. 


JCDecaux CLASSICFRAME provides enviable access to a range of valuable audience segments. With outstanding locations across the nation’s most desired urban and suburban precincts, including within Sydney and Adelaide Rail stations, the network is an effective solution to quickly build reach and frequency of campaign messaging.




Four distinct and effective ways for brands to reach their audiences across the Classic network

Industry-leading reach solution, exclusive to JCDecaux.

Combine pre-optimised JCDecaux Classicframes with wide-reaching JCDecaux Transit Portrait Sides to achieve maximum campaign coverage across Australia, efficiently.



Your brand message seen at scale.

Purpose built for efficiency, scale and high share-of-voice, ease of transaction and maximum impact is guaranteed with pre-optimised JCDecaux Classicframe networks, now fortnightly as standard to build reach over time.


Highly-focused, data-led reach across five capital cities.

Unlock JCDecaux's sophisticated targeting capabilities to create bespoke Classicframe campaigns at speed.




Harness the power of location.

Radical flexibility, allowing advertisers to hand-select sites when the power of location, audience and context must be leveraged.

A powerful complement to SCALE, VOICE and FOCUS campaign solutions.


JCDecaux UNIVERSE, a true industry-first data ecosystem.

Delivering customisable audience intelligence, advanced optimisation capabilities and real-time trading availabilities, in one platform.






Pre-priming digital audiences with Out-of-Home and simultaneously retargeting online is now possible.

JCDecaux has built a first-party equivalent dataset, and through a unique industry partnership with Adobe, can now unlock how to reach Out-of-Home audiences in the online environment.