Top automobile brands are utilizing OOH’s unique capabilities to effectively promote their new product launches.

Large automobile manufacturers like Infiniti, Ford, Cadillac, and Nissan are investing in the diverse and powerful advertising opportunities that Out-of-Home offers in order to captivate various audiences with a cohesive and engaging message.

While an increasingly growing segment of consumers will opt to shop online, an overwhelming majority still prefer the in-person car buying experience where they can test drive, negotiate pricing, and ask questions in real-time. With these varying consumer preferences, automotive companies need to provide an omni-channel experience that can effectively target multiple audiences, achieving maximum exposure for each. 

Leveraging Data for Effective Campaigns

OOH is the ideal medium for brands looking to achieve mass reach without losing touch of their target demographics. This was the case for Infiniti’s recent QX60 launch campaign. By leveraging data of consumers to determine the most effective asset locations across Manhattan, JCDecaux was able to help Infiniti achieve maximum reach to the most likely-to-become customers – professional homeowners with children and a household income above the national average. Analysis of available data determined that our Fifth Avenue units would be the ideal locations for this campaign, as it is an iconic stretch of high-end retail and commerce within the heart of the city’s business district.

Directional Information as a Call-to-Action

 The family-owned Fields Auto Group is also utilizing OOH on our Chicago Digital Network with a primary goal of driving dealership traffic. By featuring directional information alongside their special leasing deals, consumers become aware of the dealership, its location, and their current offers – all contained in a single frame.

Directional information within OOH can act as a call-to-action that can reach consumers who are actively looking for a product and may be ready to make a purchase. The ability to reach a customer near both the time and place of their purchase can often be more effective than the frequency of the message itself. It’s for this reason that directional OOH has been a trusted advertising strategy of brands across industries like auto for over a century.  

The unpredictable market of the last two years has only emphasized the importance of OOH campaigns like this one, in which the brand was able to maintain regular communication with their core audience of local Chicago-area consumers. In fact, according to research from the OAAA and OnDevice, 53% of people notice OOH advertisements more post-pandemic than pre-pandemic.

Lead-up to a Reveal

Digital OOH’s versatility allows clients like Ford to create buzz, intrigue, and excitement about the release of their new model. Their new F-150 Lightening truck is a step into the future for both the brand and pick-up market, and therefore deserved a campaign equally as engaging. In our Chicago and Boston markets, Ford utilized JCDecaux’s digital billboards and static street furniture with a teaser ad showcasing just the name of the new vehicle, and soon after a complete reveal of the all-electric truck.

Dynamic Content on Digital OOH

 Another of digital’s benefits is the ability for advertisers to feature dynamic content that provides consumers with relevant information in real-time. Cadillac promoted the new 2023 LYRIQ all-electric vehicle on the CDN with a live countdown to their online release in which consumers can reserve the in-demand vehicle.

Digital OOH is a perfect solution for automotive companies like Cadillac who are looking to drive website-traffic and encourage online sales without alienating customers who may prefer in-person shopping. And with additional slow-motion creatives on our New York market’s street furniture digital network, Cadillac was able to expose the crossover’s unique lighting features and sleek exterior to their target consumers while achieving mass reach via roadside billboards in our Chicago Digital Network.

Innovative Campaigns for Innovative Brands

Also taking advantage of OOH’s unique advertising opportunities was Nissan, which partnered with JCDecaux to promote their new Pathfinder model ahead of its 2022 release with one of our signature Innovate Campaigns. Traditional bus shelter units in our New York, Boston, and Chicago markets were outfitted with log benches, along with special tent roof build-outs on several units in Boston and Chicago. These conversation-starting details along with eye-catching CIPs across the cities gave Nissan a unique opportunity to generate potential customers and encourage busy commuters and urban residents to #returntorugged.

A Modern Solution for Industry Leaders
The objectives of any advertising campaign will vary, from driving online sales to spreading basic product awareness. But what remains constant is Out-of-Home’s ability to reach both a broad and targeted audience by means of a flexible, multi-channel approach that can command attention and stand out among a sea of competitors.

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