Our portfolio of Boston street furniture inventory continues to be unmatched.

JCDecaux continues to be a leading advertising force in the city of Boston with a high volume of inventory distributed throughout the city. We continue to grow our Boston network with the expansion of our digital inventory, with a current count of 46 installed digital CIPs and a total of 51 to be installed by this summer.

These additions are further strengthening our Boston domination of over 700 advertising faces in the city. Our assets encompass various types of inventory including our brand-new digital CIPs, 41 17-foot tall kiosks, and 270+ bus shelters of which 41% are downtown and the remaining 59% in other key city neighborhoods.

JCDecaux’s digital and static street furniture programs in Boston provide the highest reach and best location options for advertisers in one of America’s oldest cities. Our downtown sites reside near major entertainment, tourist, college, and worker hubs, providing advertisers the ability to reach Bostonians, commuters, students, and tourists. The extension of our ad faces into the neighborhoods surrounding the CBD maximize the numerous benefits which our Boston programs offer.

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