• Paris
  • April 16, 2019
Following last night’s tragic events that deeply moved the French people and the entire world, it is now time to focus on rebuilding Notre-Dame de Paris and to restore it to its original splendour at the heart of the French capital. Jean-Claude Decaux, founder of JCDecaux, and his family have always demonstrated an enormous attachment to France’s heritage. This is why the Decaux family have decided to contribute to restoring this iconic site, an emblem of the city of Paris and its history and a world heritage monument.
  • through JCDecaux Holding (100% owned by the Decaux family), providing €20 million to the funds being collected to rebuild Notre-Dame de Paris;
  • through JCDecaux SA:
    • Through its advertising spaces, providing national and global visibility on fundraising schemes to rebuild Notre-Dame de Paris,
    • Providing the French government and the appropriate authorities with the skills of its creative, architecture and finance teams to help, as much as required, with the long rebuilding process,
    • By offering to match the full amount of all employees’ donations to Notre-Dame de Paris,
    • By contributing the equivalent of one year’s subscription to the funds being collected by Afep (French Association of Private Companies) with its member companies.

About JCDecaux Holding
JCDecaux Holding is the management holding and investment company for the Decaux family. JCDecaux Holding is the majority founding shareholder (64%) of JCDecaux SA, the number one outdoor advertising company worldwide, a major shareholder of Eurazeo (one of the first publicly listed investment companies in Europe) and an historic shareholder of Bouygues Télécom, the French telecoms operator. Alongside its industrial equity portfolio, it is developing a diversified portfolio in capital investment and real estate.

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