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Nedd Brockmann, founder of new company Nedd’s Milk, has gone from a makeshift billboard to Digital Large Format signs across Sydney in just 48 hours after his outback campaign was spotted by leading Out-of-Home media company JCDecaux.

Nedd’s Milk is a chocolate milk startup that aims to raise $10 million for homeless charity Mobilise by donating for every bottle sold. It is the latest initiative from founder Nedd Brockmann who first made headlines in 2022 after running 4,000kms across Australia, from Perth’s Cottesloe Beach to Sydney’s Bondi Beach, whilst raising millions of dollars for the homeless.

With all the funding invested in making the product, Nedd couldn’t afford an expensive marketing campaign. Instead, he constructed his own sign on the side of the road in the Nullarbor, South Australia as part of a Milk Run, which sees him driving a milk van from Perth to Bondi, recreating his famous run.

"I was left to my own devices to think up something creative that'll get people around my choccy milk. We can't afford a Punt Road sign in Melbourne or the Kings Cross billboard, so we opted for the next best thing. The Nullarbor sign took me nearly a day to pull together and a fair bit of retro fitting but we got the job done," he says.

A photo of Nedd’s makeshift banner on social media caught the eye of Charlie Newton, Group Business Director at JCDecaux Australia, who was impressed by the startup’s social aims.

"We admired Nedd’s determination to get his brand out there and wanted to support the cause. Within 48 hours, Nedd has gone from his makeshift billboard to some of the best Digital Large Format sites in Sydney. Digital Large Format delivers those head-turning moments that command attention, putting the spotlight onto this important cause. As an outdoor media company committed to creating positive social impact in the places where our signs are found, the plight of the homeless is very relevant to JCDecaux, and by supporting Nedd’s Milk we can help raise vital awareness and funds," Charlie Newton says.

Nedd is hoping the publicity boost via JCDecaux will help get Nedd’s Milk stocked in stores across Australia, enabling consumers to not only enjoy a delicious chocolate milk but also give back.

"This milk is much larger than me. I of course want everyone to love the taste and the benefits of the milk, however the give back element is a huge factor in the decision of making this product. Every bottle gives back to those experiencing homelessness and the more people that see our message, the closer we’ll get to our $10 million goal! Big thanks to the bloody legends at JCDecaux for getting behind it – how good do they look!”

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