A comprehensive report featuring 15 winning programmatic Out-of-Home case studies

Programmatic Out-of-Home has transformed the marketplace, seamlessly blending the undeniable impact of traditional outdoor media with the precision targeting, real-time optimisation, and measurable results of digital advertising. 


The enhanced capabilities and benefits programmatic Out-of-Home offers has seen it grow quickly; an upward trajectory that is set to continue. Based on similar market economics in the UK, programmatic Out-of-Home is forecast to achieve $200 million+ revenue in Australia by the end of 2027.

The Definitive Guide to Programmatic Out-of-Home success delves into:


The reasons why programmatic Out-of-Home is on the rise in Australia.


Future growth projections and emerging trends.


15 case studies that demonstrate why programmatic Out-of-Home should be considered for every modern marketing mix.


Key insights and themes that underscore the transformative potential of programmatic Out-of-Home.

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of Australian advertisers surveyed believe programmatic Out-of-Home is important for performance-led campaigns.






of Australian advertisers plan to increase their programmatic Out-of-Home spend by an average of 34% over the next 18 months.



8 in 10



of surveyed Australian advertisers believe programmatic Out-of-Home offers innovative opportunities.


Source: VIOOH State of the Nation, Programmatic Digital Out-of-Home 2023, Australian Whitepaper

The power of contextual relevance

MARS applied various contextual techniques, such as weather triggers and dayparted messages, to encourage people to reward themselves with a MARS for doing everyday tasks.


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increase in brand attribution.

Precision audience targeting and engagement

American Express retargeted audiences exposed to an initial traditional Out-of-Home campaign through programmatic Out-of-Home to enhance awareness and consideration.

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increase in top-of-mind awareness.

Driving measurable real-world impact

Tourism Tasmania leveraged audience data to select the best-performing assets, aiming to change perceptions of a Tasmanian winter holiday and drive visitation.


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footfall uplift attributed to Digital Large Format.

Amplification via cross-channel integration

Pepsi Max combined programmatic Out-of-Home audience targeting with a Transit (bus advertising) campaign to launch the Pepsi Max Soda Shop range.


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percentage point increase in familiarity with the Pepsi Max Soda Shop range.

Pepsi Max

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