Michelob ULTRA took advantage of JCDecaux's digital inventory in the downtown Boston area to promote their advertisement during the Boston Marathon. 

Marathon Monday floods the streets of Boston before, during, and after the Boston Marathon. It also attracts runners and spectators from all over the world. JCDecaux’s inventory within downtown Boston is placed near tourist attractions, bars, and other high-trafficking areas to create maximum exposure. Especially during the event, our inventory creates an unmissable ad experience along the marathon route.

Michelob ULTRA strategically used our Boston digital street furniture inventory along the Boston Marathon route and throughout the downtown Boston area to prompt runners to exchange their miles for beer through their “Ultra Beer Run” Program.

The promotion requests you upload a picture of yourself, a photo of your fitness watch, and a photo of your fitness app, all post-workout. Individuals who completed the Boston Marathon are eligible to win big after completing their 26.2 miles!

However, the campaign tailored itself to Boston Marathon watchers and by-passers as well. Although marathon runners could exchange their miles for beer right after the marathon, other ad viewers may need more incentive to workout, like free beer!

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