QR codes offer a modern way of engaging the consumer.

Fan favorite alcohol brands are utilizing the QR code feature in their latest street furniture campaigns. Spot the codes in the corner of Stella Artois’ creative, running on Boston and Chicago digital street furniture. New York digital street furniture is also housing the feature on campaigns including Johnnie Walker and Coors Light. The Coors code leads to a page showcasing its rebranding, while the other two brands are offering consumer rebates for their products up to a certain price.

QR code usage is growing, demonstrated by a recent survey conducted by The Drum. It was found that over the course of the pandemic, consumers have become accustomed to using QR codes in everyday life, such as viewing restaurant menus. This has left the door wide open for advertisers, demonstrated by 45% of respondents reporting their use of a QR code related to a marketing, ad, or promotional offer in the last three months.

The world is finally returning to normal and these advertisers are maximizing their impact by engaging the consumer. QR codes are a great way to do so, as people are more familiarized with them than ever and they are widely accessible, with Statista reporting that 85% of U.S. adults own a smartphone in 2021.

Leveraging the code feature on OOH is putting these alcohol brands at top-of-mind as people are flocking to reopened bars and restaurants. Our inventory placement in city hotspots are near these businesses, allowing for passersby to act immediately on QR code offers such as rebates.

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