Global fashion giant H&M is leveraging the high-reach of our large-format CDN billboards to drive awareness and sales of their chic and affordable winter collection.

As digital fatigue continues to overwhelm consumers around the world, OOH is experiencing a renaissance of increased engagement that coincides with a return to in-person shopping ahead of the winter holiday season. 

According to a recent consumer report from OAAA and The Harris Poll, 63% of consumers rated retail OOH ads as the most relevant compared to other categories.

The same report found that highways and routes to retail stores are some of the most optimal OOH opportunities for achieving engagement as more consumers are noticing OOH ads while driving than during any other activity.

These findings reflect an ongoing trend of increased consumer spending, and top names in fashion are responding with new campaigns that take full advantage of growing OOH engagement post-pandemic.

H&M is responding to this global phenomenon with stunning ads on our larger-than-life Chicago digital billboards – an unskippable, unclosable advertising medium that guarantees maximum reach and subsequent ROI.

Our Chicago Digital Network boasts 51 high-profile roadside billboards that effortlessly achieve approximately 25 Million+ impressions each week from commuters and city residents alike.

For a label as popular as H&M with a broader appeal than other fashion categories, our CDN is the most effective means of reaching their diverse target consumer profiles.

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