Martine Gutierrez's ANTI-ICON is the first three-city exhibition to come from the JCDecaux and Public Art Fund collaboration

By providing a framework for public art on its bus shelters, JCDecaux features Martine Gutierrez's ANTI-ICON exhibition on 300 JCDecaux bus shelters across New York, Boston, and Chicago. The exhibit is the first three-city-wide exhibition that JCDecaux and The Public Art Fund have partnered on since their initial partnership was established back in 2019.

ANTI-ICON will be on view in fifty neighborhoods in NYC, Boston, and Chicago through November 21st, 2021. Distributed broadly across these markets, the ten photographs are strategically placed in groupings across these three markets to allow consumers from all walks of life to observe the exhibition.

 Martine Gutierrez's work encapsulates her interpretation of discovering what identity means across various gender, race, class, and celebrity. Her ten new works represent different influential figures and individuals that people look up to, especially for the LGBTQIA+ community she is a part of. The figures consist of Aphrodite, Atargatis, Cleopatra, Queen Elizabeth I, Gabriel, Lady Godiva, Helen of True, Judith, Mulan, and The Queen of Sheba. As the exhibition title hints at, she then transforms herself into these "Anti-Icons," altering them through her artistic perspective to create a sense of rediscovery in the eye of the beholder.

This partnership allows art to be seen in a non-traditional and unexpected setting. It also beautifies communities, creates discussions, and enhances the location’s quality to residents and visitors. JCDecaux continues to value this partnership as it is one of the ways we support local communities and local artists.

To read more about the exhibition, Martine Gutierrez, her statement about the work, or find an ANTI-ICON location go to The Public Art Fund's website.

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